Lydia Jazmines trashes rumors of eating Ronnie Mulindwa’s cassava with ghee

Ronnie Mulindwa started managing Lydia Jazmine’s career about three years ago after she fell out with R.Kampala.

The diva has since then seen a major improvement in her career and life, thanks to the good management by the Obsessions founder.

However, rumor in the corridors suggests that Ronnie Mulindwa and Lydia Jazmine have a thing, a reason the former has issues with his wife Sharon O.

But Lydia Jazmine has come out to address the issue by claiming Ronnie Mulindwa is her Godfather. “He is my God-Father. He gave me a hand when I was starting off my career. He has been with me for three years. Everything between us is okay and strictly work now.” Jazmine said in an interview.

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Jazmine has in the past been linked to a number of city dudes like Fik Fameica


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