Lydia Forson Was Allegedly Caught In A Hotel Room With Desmond Elliot By His Wife – Full Gist Drops

Nigerian blogger, Cutie Julls has exposed Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson and Nigerian actor cum politician Demond Elliot over their alleged amorous relationship.

He has revealed that the two were caught in a hotel in Lagos by Desmond Elliot’s wife.

The blogger has angrily exposed Desmond Elliot because of his recent comment over the EndSARS protesters.

He has reportedly said that the Nigerian government should regulate social media as the young are full of bitterness and hate.

According to him, he checked comments following the EndSARS protest and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Apparently, Desmond Elliot is trending on social media for failing Nigerians as a young person in government.

The statement, “Desmond Elliot is a proof that a young person could be the President of this country and still fail u” has gone viral as Nigerians shockingly react to it.

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Reacting to the incident, Cutie Julls has hit hard on Desmond Elliot, exposing his relationship with Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson though he’s married with kids.

Check out the post below, plus a video of Desmond Elliot advocating for social media regulations during sitting.


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I’m really sorry for myself for allowing what Desmond Eliot said shock me. : The way he still went ahead to continue eating his Ghana Jollof even after the wife had caught him red handed and even warned Lydia the Jollof owner is enough to tell me that it’s no surprise that it’s very normal for such a man to actually stand in the house of assembly to say that hoodlums stealing an Oba’s staff is enough to wipe a country off the surface of this enough and not personnel of the armed forces shooting at unarmed protesters : Cutie, you sef, why are you angry? It was rough at the hotel in Lagos. Let him/her deny it and is that same Oba’s staff that will strike them. : Hunku Desmond, please respect your office. Let it not be that I dey talk your matter cuz you know say I know your gists wella. I don’t support hate speech on social media but in this case, that’s not what is killing Nigeria. USA would have been long dead. What is killing Nigeria is bad governance and personnel of the armed forces shooting and killing protesters. That’s what brought the whole brouhaha. Those are the things that if not handled properly can escalate into something very dangerous. Thank you

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