Lovers Caught in the bush chopping themselves, beaten up- watch video

Caught in the bush chopping themselves –Video || A man and his lover who were caught making love in a bush were given a thorough beating while being filmed and the video is painful to watch.

The video shows a man and a woman lying on their stomachs and an unidentified man holding a stick beating up the man on the back while the other films the whole ordeal.

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The lover man shrills in pain while the lady waits her turn and once the beating gets to her she cries bitterly.


“Why didn’t you book a lodge?” their executioner asks as they beg for forgiveness.

Although these men did not have right to beat up two consenting adults the two have learnt better to find some safe place else for their adult games lest they meet such a degrading fate again.

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watch – Caught in the bush chopping themselves




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