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Local Rapper Recho Ray Displays Her Genetically Modified Booty After Reports That She Passed By Facco Intensify

When rapper Recho Ray entered the Ugandan music industry back in 2018 almost every one baptized her as the baddas tomboy who had come on the scene to replace Keko.

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Her sense of style and taste of music depicted the kind of person who had come to fill Keko’s shoes following her relocation to the US.

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Fast forward Recho Ray got new management and was told to re brand into a sexy and bootylicious female rapper–sources say the free style queen was told to borrow a leaf from American super star Cardi B

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In order to full fill her new management’s request  the ‘Gweno dawo’ hit maker had to change her entire wardrobe and then device means of gaining some flesh on her  hips and bums

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Sources now reveal that Recho has been a regular visitor at the Facco offices for the past 8 months. It is hard to not to believe the reports given the fact that her hips and bums have substantially gained weight over the past few months

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Just to give her fans a glimpse of how sexy now she looks the hard hitting rapper took to Instagram and posted a soupy picture of her latest genetically modified hips and booty

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