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Listen to wise counsel – Okyenhene to new Okuapehene Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo II

The newly enstooled Okuapehene Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo II, and his traditional entourage on Monday, May 12, 2020 paid a courtesy call on Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin.

Akyem Abuakwa and the people of Akropong are one family (Asona Royal Family). While the Okuapeman stool is referred to as Ofori Kuma that of Akyem Abuakwa is Ofori Panin.

Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin commended Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo II for the honour of visiting his ancestral home.

While advising elders around the stool to provide the wisest counsels to the young Okuapehene to make his reign successful, Okyenhene also advised the Chief to also remain humble and listen to his elders.

Okyenhene pledged the continuous support of Akyem Abuakwa to Okuapeman for mutual development in unity.

Okuapehene Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo II
Okuapehene Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo II


The new Okuapehene known in private life as Odehye Kwadwo Kesse Antwi succeeds Oseadeeyo Addo Dankwa III who died five years ago.

Oseadeeyo Akuffo II is a graduate of the Westchester Community College, Val Halla, New York and an old student of the Presbyterian Boys Senior High School, Legon in Accra.

He was enstooled on Sunday, May 3, 2020 after the Judicial Committee of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs ruled on Akuapem chieftaincy dispute to end Five years of litigation between two factions from Sakyeabea Royal Family over who was legitimate to be enstooled as next Okuapehene

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According to oral traditional history, in the 17th century, Akuapems were living very peacefully with their neighbors; Agonas, Gas, Krobos, Akyems and the Dutch until the Akwamus came to settle in the area and started unleashing brutalities and atrocities on the Guans and Kyerepongs.

The unprovoked attacks escalated and degenerated into war.

The Akuapems sent a delegation led by the late Opanyin Ayeh Kissi, an elder of Nana Offei Kwasi Agyeman to Akyem Abuakwa to solicit intervention by the mighty Akyem Army.

Then Okyenhene and elders readily agreed and dispatched his army of warriors led by his nephew Safori to form an alliance of army with the Guans, Agonas, Gas, Krobos, Kyerepongs and the Dutch.

They formed an army of a thousand forces (Akuw apem which later became Akuapem) to invade the territory of Akwamu regiment at Nsakye. The Akwamus came under siege and fled from Nyanawase, their capital and crossed the Volta River to the present day Akwamufie.

This war is famously known as the battle of Nsakye (1730).

According to history, after the defeat of the Akwamus, the Akyems convinced the Akuapems to allow them to permanently stay on their land to assist them in fighting their enemies particularly the Akwamus should they attempt to resurge.

The Akuapems agreed and gave out loose settlement set-ups of the Akuapems, the Akyems used their chieftaincy and political skills to their advantage by establishing Chieftaincy stool.

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The Akyem warlords arranged a meeting among the Guans and the Kyerepongs at Abotakyi. The purpose was to organise the territory into an order known as Twi military Order. This consideration influenced the need for allocating offices. Four divisions were created under the Abotakyi Accord which was signed in 1733. Thus the creation of the Akuapem State. The four divisions are: Adonten number 1, belonging to Akropong. The Akroponghene then was the Gyakiti warlord Nana Offei Kwasi Agyeman

Adonten number 2, belonging to Aburi being the remnants of Akwamu, Ga and some Guan indigenes in that neighborhood.

Nifa division was given to the five Kyerepong towns with its headquarters at Awukugua. Asare Diedsa was chief of the Kyerepongs

The Benkum division was given to the nine Guan towns with its headquarters at Larteh. Ohene Berentiri was regent for the Guans as Gyedu Nkansa was then too old to be present. Although there was a regent for the Guans, Gyedu Nkansa gave authority to Offei Kwasi Agyeman to negotiate on his behalf.

The Akyem warlord Safori allocated to himself the Okuapenhene.

At the first traditional council meeting, the Gyakiti warlord was crowned as the senior divisional chief and next commander-in-chief whenever the Okuapehene is away.

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In 1934, the then Okuapehene Nana Ofori Kuma decided that the Adontenhene Number 1 title be redesignated to Krontihene, a title that did not change his position and status in the hierarchy of Akuapem, even though Nana Yaw Boafo the then Krontihene abdicated in protest over the change. The Krontihene remained as the second-in-command to the Okuapehene. The Adontenhene Number 2 title was also redesignated to Adonten

Akropong was made the seat of the paramountcy which has remained so to date.

The Okuapeman paramount stool is therefore known as Ofori Kuma, while that of the Akyem Abuakwa is Ofori Panin, indicating the traditional relationship between the two paramountcies.

But around 1992, all the divisions in Akuapem Traditional Area decided to break away from the age-old union. This led to serious security threats and nearly ruined the enviable Okuapeman state and its traditions. The dispute lingered for 20 years during which the Divisional Chief stopped offering allegiance to the late Oseedeayo Addo Dankwa as Okuapehene claiming they are aliens on their land.

The dispute was ended at Koforidua Peace Accord in 2013 facilitated by then Eastern Regional Minister Samuel Ofosu Ampofo who was succeeded by Helen Adwoa Ntoso. The Peace Pipe smoked by the faction has since brought peace to Okuapeman.

Okuapehene Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo II
Okuapehene Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo II


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