List of curvaceous city ladies whose pus8sy is shaved like a green grass compound -Photos

Over the years, the internet has blessed Netizens with a number of mind blowing Nude pictures.

Of these, socialites, singers, University students and politicians top the list for people with most captivating nudes.

Whether one turns back the hand of time to the interesting days of Zari’s dry Savana or forwards it to the laughable era of Martha’s deforested landscape, you will come to the conclusion that most Ugandan babes learnt and religiously practice the act clean shaving.

As a way of bringing our readers up to speed to who some of these babes are, we have put up a list based on past experience showing chics that are good at shaving the Savana

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1.Martha Kay.

How can we talk about shaving the Punani and Martha Kay’s name fails to top the list.

The curvy and chocolate Radio presenter comes on top of our list because she served it to Ugandans hot and sweet.

When her Nude pictures leaked in Mid 2019, Netizens where more than excited to see then online comedienne’s well shaved ‘Sumbie’ . Before Martha’s pictures hit the internet by surprise, she was already a popular figure brought to the lime light by her viral Range Rover video

2.Desire Luzinda

Desire Luyzinda comes second to the list because of her timeless n#de picture in which she posed naked with her two fingers covering up the Punani.

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Despite the efforts not to reveal everything while naked (lol), Netizens at the time were impressed by her shaving skills as it was hard to see even a pint of hair around the ‘Sumbie’

3. Zari Hassan

How can we talk about babes who understand the game of shaving & not talk about South African based socialite Zari Hassan. There is no way the high maintenance slay queen would be able to attract millionaires if she’s wasn’t capable of taking care of her Punani in the best way she knows how to.

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Her alleged s#x tape that leaked in early 2014 also shows a woman who is organised down stairs


4.Cindy Sanyu.

For the purposes of being brief, our list for today will end with non other than celebrated Dance hall queen Cindy Sanyu. Drawing conclusions from her n#de pictures that leaked 2012, it is evident that the mother of 2 knows how to clean her southern hemisphere



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