List of Big Men and Women Shatta Michy has slept with Hits Online by Magdalene.

Shatta Michy must be hot at the moment because the secrets being dropped about her are enough to cause a nuclear explosion.

Shatta Wale’s alleged cousin/lover, Magdalene Love aka Magluv has taken it on herself to destroy Shatta Michy’s reputation; that is if she even had one to begin with.

Magluv is pissed off at Michy over some recent posts she made, throwing shade at Shatta Wale.

She had claimed that Shatta was not helping her to take care of her son.

According to Michy, she has to do everything for the kid including paying his school fees.

That did not sit well with Magdalene. Michy disgracing Shatta publicly as well as a behind the scenes beef between her and Michy has brought her out to completely disgrace Michy.

shatta michy magdalene

In a series of videos taking over the web like wildfire, she lays serious accusations at Michy’s feet.

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According to her, Michy was cheating on Shatta Wale with countless men including the rich Menzgold businessman Nana Appiah Mensah.

According to her, NAM 1 made some promises to Michy which made her stop according any respect to Shatta Wale.

She believed her future lied with the rich man and not Shatta Wale who cannot promise her the moon as NAM 1 allegedly did.

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Magluv said aside NAM 1, Michy had a series of other men she slept with on Shatta Wale’s blindside.

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She also claimed Michy is a lesbian and once invited her for a 3s*me with Shatta Wale.

Magdalene was spilling hot tea and coffee all over the place with no filter.

Oh, and she also casually confirmed that the ‘cousin’ thing between her and Shatta Wale is fake – they have been a couple since they were kids!

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Since she started her spilling spree, Michy is yet to respond but so far whatever she started is not going too well for her, she is being dirtied left, right and centre.

Watch Magluv spill some secrets below…







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