Less than 4 times of sex a day makes me feel uncomfortable- Queen Haizel

Controversial Ghanaian singer Queen Haizel has admitted that, she has accepted as a sex addict, suggesting that without participating in the act, she can not stay a day

Queen Haizel admitted in an interview with Ike De Unpredictable on Angel Drive on Kumasi-based Angel monitored by Thatcelebrity.com, “I’m addicted to sex and I have to have sex every day, making me feel unhappy less than four (4) times every day.”

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According to Queen Haizel, “I’m never going to say anything for saying sake.” I love sex and I’m a sex addict. Four times a day makes me feel relaxed and like a woman.’

She added “I still pray to God to send me a man who is addicted to sex and can make me feel wonderful. When it comes to too much sex, I know most men can not bear, but I believe that God will listen to my prayers and send me a man I’m looking for.’

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“She said,” I don’t have a serious boyfriend, but I’m just going to look for someone to have sex with me just to feel good and relaxed when I need sex and my boyfriend is not around.

My love for sex is genuine, and I don’t make any fakes. When I say I’m addicted to sex, people think I say it for hype, but I love sex

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