Late President Robert Mugabe Daughter in Law Hillary Makaya celebrates Birthday @ age19-Photos

Hillary Makaya has been blowing up the internet with her birthday pictures. The young model, who rose to fame by becoming Miss Teen a few years ago, had some celebrations that showed that she was not your ordinary girl.

Hillary posted some photos of some of her birthday gifts, including some Gucci pieces, state-of-the-art cakes and a shopping spree at the luxury Posh boutique. She said that her boyfriend had been gifted with a card to shop all she liked, and that all the clothes she had bought were no less than US $200. Hillary, who turned 19, was sure to have most of the girls her age green with envy. Some girls just seem to have all the fun.

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Hillary is now dating Robert Junior, the son of late former President Robert Mugabe. However, she is born with her own money, having won the titles of numerous beauty contests. At only 17, she even bought her first house!

The current lockdown and covid 19 scare might have prevented Hillary from throwing a big party to celebrate with her friends, but she obviously looked as if she was enjoying herself as she treated herself to all the goodies she wanted.

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Her birthday was also celebrated in the same week as her future law mother, Grace, who turned 55. We’ve got to admit, both ladies looked dashing as they celebrated another year, added


Hillary Makaya’s birthday dinner
Hillary Makaya’s birthday dinner


  birthday dinner



birthday Hillary

Hillary Makaya
Hillary Makaya



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