Lady who sneaked in to ‘eat’ student of Accra Polytechnic gets rousing cheers after she and the guy emerged from the room

A new video depicting different shades of emotions relating to the previous report about the two lovebirds having intercourse in a hostel while capitalizing on their lecturers’ strike has emerged. 

In our previous reportage, we said the duo decided to quench their burning desire which sprouted on a hot afternoon by getting kinky in a hostel at Accra Polytechnic.

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The heavy thrusting mixed with the lady’s unrestrained moans attracted other students who stormed the place to capture the moment on camera, although they could not access the real action and those involved.

It seems the recent strike by UTAG came in handy for most of these students.




In this new development, right after they finished the action and emerged from the room, other students gathered at the doorstep leading to the staircase and started praising them for giving them something to talk about for the rest of the day.

They filmed the moment the lady exited the school premises all the way to the gate.

As sighted in the video, some students threw what looks like empty mineral water bottles at her, while others cheered her on loudly.

Watch the video below;



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