Lady gives husband best treatment for having the best d1ck ever

A woman appreciated her husband whose manhood she described as the best in the world in an intriguing post shared online. 

The woman surprised her man with delicious cupcakes with the icing used to inscribe the words, ‘best dick ever.’

The husband who could not believe his luck was blushing all over after he shared the post on Twitter garnering massive reactions in the process.

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Sharing a photo of the cupcakes, he wrote;

“I can’t argue with cupcakes. Thank you wifey”

Meanwhile, a dispatch rider became powerless and feebly tried to resist the seduction of a lady to whom he was supposed the deliver a package.

As shown in the video below, the guy knocked on the lady’s door when he arrived at her place after which she ordered him to enter the room although he was hesitant initially and wanted her to come out instead.

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Once he entered the room, she had apparently removed her clothes and while filming the whole drama, she used her legs to coax the guy to hop on the bed with her. The guy resisted and said he could not fulfill her desire.

We don’t know if the guy fell into her trap and had hot sex with her as the video did not capture how this intriguing encounter ended.

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Watch video. 

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