Lady all smiles despite being dropped from Benz barefooted after ‘doing the do’ the previous night

A lady has been spotted flashing infectious smiles after her boyfriend dropped her from his posh Mercedes Benz.

The lady was outrageously barefooted when she alighted and walked a few meters to her destination where her friends were standing and filming her.

While her friends praised her for having a boyfriend with a Benz car, they also teased her for walking barefooted for no apparent reason.

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We are also bemused by her action as we cannot fathom why she decided not to wear any shoes.

It’s not as though she was kidnapped and shoved off hastily so we simply don’t understand how things ended up this way.

Besides, her hair looked unkempt but that did little to diminish the glow of her beautiful face.

Perhaps we could deduce the reason via the grapevine when the video starts going viral.

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