Ladies don’t love good guys, show her pepper – Man shares weird tips online

A man on Twitter, Chuddy has shared valuable tips albeit controversial on the internet revealing how men can handle women and inversely in a relationship. 

In his opinion, tormenting a girl mentally is one of the surest ways to get her to fall in love with you madly. He bluntly revealed most ladies don’t like gentlemen or those who play the nice guy cards.

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He tweeted;

If you want a girl to love you, mess with her mental health. Ladies don’t love good guys, it’s boring for them. Show her pepper.

His post predictably sparked divergent reactions as some people disagreed while others vehemently opposed it.

A female tweep popped up to agree with Chuddy disclosing she had a friend who once told her if her boyfriend doesn’t maltreat her, she doesn’t feel he loved her.

Her tweet read;

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I once met a girl back then in school who said that if her boyfriend doesn’t beat or flog her with wire or belt she won’t be rest assured the guy loves her

My own is once I smell the pepper from a far, I don zoom

See screenshots of their posts below;

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