L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy recorded having s3x at Universal Studios while on duty

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy has been placed on leave after he was allegedly caught having sex at Universal Studios while his mic was on for the dispatcher to hear.


According to TMZ, an open mic recorded the alleged encounter that recently took place near the Bates Motel on the backlot.

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The outlet obtained a copy of the audio, in which a woman is heard moaning in the background as a dispatcher repeatedly tells the deputy that his mic is open—for everyone to hear. The unidentified deputy does not respond and the woman continues to moan during the sexual act


In response to the incident, the L.A. Sheriff’s Department wrote in a statement, “The deputy was immediately relieved of duty and an administrative investigation has been opened. The deputy’s peace officer’s powers have been suspended and the proper administrative action will be taken based on the outcome of the investigation.”


Universal Studios has yet to release a statement regarding the incident.


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