Kumawood Actor Nana Yeboah Tells Why He Doesn’t Need Movie Scripts

Kumawood actor Nana Yeboah has disclosed in his latest interview that Ghanaian leaders do not respect the movie industry.

According to the actor who is found of insulting people all time said some leaders have brought other countries movie all in the name to collapse Ghanaian own.

Nana stressed that all those Indian movies on our television screens have contributed to the fallen movie industry.

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He then sent a strong warning to those who brought the Indian movies and series into the country to stop and support their own.

He added that he got an invitation to India but never see Ghanaian movies on their TV all the 40 days he spent there.

Ending the interview, Nana Yeboah a.k.a. Constipation said he doesn’t follow a script but he uses common sense and that is why his fans love him.

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Kumawood Actor Nana Yeboah



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