Kikky Badass Sizzling Hot Pics Sends Social Media Into A Frenzy

Kikky Badass Sizzling Hot Pics Sends Social Media Into A Frenzy || Zimbabwe is no stranger to birthing beautiful women and KikkyBadass is the true embodiment of beauty and brains.

Steamy pictures of rapper Kikky Badass in the swimming pool has sent social media into a frenzy. The saucy pictures will leave many begging for more especially her male fans.

KikkyBadass, real name Christabelle Mahlungwa is the lady behind the “Body Conversations’ song and she is one of the fast-growing female hip-hop artists in Zimbabwe.

The 50 Magate vixen Kikkybadass is the Goddess of too much sauce. This is according to her Instagram and l have to say l totally agree after seeing these pics. The diva is definitely turning heads in the entertainment industry.

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KikkyBadass summery glow really does stand out alongside the maturity she has shown in keeping her head above the water and not responding to naysayers. In an interview with 263Chat  after she was asked, What do you want people to know about Kikky she said:

“People should know what Kikky lives for Kikky and Kikky will always do what Killy wants. Kikky will never act in a way that’s expected by society but will act like Kikky and that will never change.”

Kikkybadass as she calls herself is a gem. She is the queen of her own kingdom and lives by her own rules defying all the odds.

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Just like her stage name, she is a” badass “individual who doesn’t let norms define who she is but does the unexpected every time.

She carries four awards and has become the first female to win the People’s Choice award that had become a domain of the male rappers for five years.

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She has recently released a video titled ‘Party Queen” which is doing pretty well on YouTube.





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