Kikky Badass latest hot snaps shut down internet -Photos

Kikky Badass latest hot snaps shut down the internet. Say whatever you want this mama right here is serving the best hot sauce in town. Kikky Badass has been one of the most consistent female MCs in the hip-hop genre in Zimbabwe both Zimbabwe bot musically and physically as well.

You cant just ignore Kikky in what she does, on the mic she murders and on the streets she rules.

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Now in the fashion industry, she is making a mark as well. Checkout these l!ngerie snaps that have just shut down the whole country’s internet.

Just tell me. And they keep saying the Kardashians are the best. Man do you see what I’m seeing here? Are you blind or what? This right here is Africa’s beauty, the motherland staff.

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She has just lit social media especially Instagram with some amazing bikini pictures that we know will cause commotion on the streets.

KikkyKikky has not been afraid to show off what her mama gave her from day one. She is one of those free spirit celebrities we have in the country.

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Kikky Badass latest hot snaps shut down internet

Rapper Kikky

The rapper/Video Vixen babe is one of the most beautiful entertainers we have in the Industry. She is one of the most real ones also as she says it out as it is. Never afraid of how people will judge her.

Kikky Badass

A free spirit who is very talented.

Source – ThatCelebrity.com

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