Kenyan MP speaks concerning his S*ex Video where he was seen working on a plus-size woman like a bull

Aldai Member of Parliament, Cornelly Serem, has spoken for the first time after his alleged sex video leaked online.

For the past two weeks, a sex video purporting to be that of the vocal MP has been doing rounds on social media and subjecting him to online trolls.

However, Serem has come out to deny allegations that he is the main character in the sex video.

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“I’m not the one the one in that stupid sex video and anyone who knows me can authoritatively confirm this. The culprits, who were behind the videos, including those who shared it, have been arrested and are currently assisting detectives to pursue the matter,” he said.

Serem blamed his political opponents for tainting his image and alleged that one of the cartels behind the leaked video demanded Ksh 500,000 and when he refused to dish out the money, the fake video was circulated online.

“It is a network of over 300 people even though I cannot rule out politics. Maybe they were under instructions. Some of the cartels were demanding colossal amounts of money- one of them wanted me to cough up to Sh 500,000 so as not to leak the video,” he said.

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In the one-minute video, a fat man who resembles the popular MP is seen on top of a plus-size woman busy working on her like a bull.

The randy video was reportedly sourced from a West African Country to soil his name.

Here’s a screenshot of the leaked video.




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