Kenyan Actress Mama Baha To Stage A Protest To President’s Office Over Brother’s Kidnap

Kenyan actress Wanjiku Mburu, known popularly as Mama Baha, will stage a walk to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office on January 28.


According to a report by Kenya’s, the actress disclosed the walk would be from Nairobi West to State House.

This is “in a bid to try and attract the president’s attention whom she had visited earlier in an attempt to bring back his brother who was kidnapped in 2013,” the report claimed.

A few weeks ago, Mama Baha shared a video on her social media highlighting the government’s futile attempt to bring back her brother who is being held hostage in Mogadishu.

Ms. Wanjiku opened up on the tragedy and trauma her family has been going through for the past six years and how the government has failed to keep their word after promises of immediate action.

“In hushed tones I was told, I’m in a meeting I’ll call you later, this went on for a while until they no longer bothered to pick my calls. See Mr. President my brother was kidnapped and it’s now 3 years since and there’s nothing from you or your office. After everything has been said, it’s been said but nothing done,” she was quoted to have said in a letter she wrote to President Uhuru Kenyatta on August 12, 2017.

Mama Baha

Kenyan actress, Wanjiku Mburu,Mama Baha

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