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Kemi Sera Exposes The Darkest Side Of ‘Boyfriend’Hajji Haruna Mubiru, Accuses Him Of Domestic Violence

Kemi Sera, the upcoming singer has come out to expose  the darkest side her bonkmate and former manager Hajji Haruna Mubiru.

Kemi Sera
Kemi Sera

In an interview with a local media outlet, teary Kemi opens up how Hajji Haruna has been battering and clobbering her like a chicken thief over simple misunderstandings.

The pair have always trashed rumor of bonking tubeless until now when Sera confessed of mixing business and pleasure and being mistreated by her ‘lover boss’.

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Kemi says that she knows some people will judge, hate and others will understand her position and forgive her, but living with Haruna has been a hell of life full of exploitation, torture and harassment.

Hajji Haruna Mubiru
Hajji Haruna Mubiru

“Women are like babies; its easy to lie to us. When a man says he loves you, you see like you have reached, you can’t even think about the time of breakup. Haruna used to beat me up, he used to accuse me for sleeping with other men, made up many fake stories about me, he hurt me a lot and it even pushed me into drinking alcohol,” she lamented before adding;

“I have been Hajji Haruna’s wife but not anymore, just know I started that relationship with someone who is much older, popular, rich and established than me, so I hard to fight a lot for myself. He dumped me when I got an accident, I don’t know, maybe he saw that I wasn’t looking beautiful anymore or my face wasn’t that appealing. I really don’t know. But I want to confirm this, am no longer part of Cream Production, but I would like to thank Haruna for exposing me to the world.”

Checkout the interview;

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