Katerina Chingoli addresses plight of women in The Vagina Diaries

The Vagina Diaries || The young Malawian writer Katerina Chingoli has written in her book The Vagina Diaries about women’s pain.

The book that was released on July 26th through online platforms discusses a broad range of women ‘s topics. According to the author, because of its biological make-up, she was inspired by sad realities that women endure.

“Some women have suffered and some just suffer because they have a vagina, and others will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means going against their wishes. We are attacked if the women resist. Some people in society have made it a burden for some women to have a vagina, “Chingoli said

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The vagina diaries also include poems as a way to extend message delivery, a style that has been described as being successful.

The novel isn’t free of criticism, though, because some people assume that the 20-year-old author was too blunt in titling the title. Katerina has asked them, in answer to the critics, to read the book and draw conclusions afterwards.

“What they think I wrote and what I wrote in fact is not the same thing, so I can ask them. You will have to read the book to understand why I chose “The Vagina Diaries” as the title, since I can never clarify sufficiently.

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She only released the work in soft copy form, literally, as hard copies are made. The soft copy form is available at K5000 for sale, while hard copies are priced at K9500.

Katerina is not only a singer, but also a musician behind a song called ‘She.’ Her song also deals with problems concerning women’s place in society.

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