Kakamega : Burial stopped after mourner is caught putting eggs inside coffin

A burial ceremony in Kakamega County was forced to stop after an elderly man identified as Benson Mumia was caught red-handed inserting two eggs inside the coffin as the ceremony proceeded.

The 60-year-old left all mourners in Lurambi Constituency in Eshikhulo village, Mumias East awestruck as they have never witnessed such a weird act in any burial ceremony.


The man was caught and others mourners out of anger grabbed him in confrontation and almost served him black and blues

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According to an eye witness, Jane Aseka, nabbed the man putting the two eggs near the deceased during body viewing moments before the coffin gets covered in readiness for burial.

The woman quickly called for help from other members who grab the old man and demanded for a valid answer.

“I saw him with two eggs. He placed one on the left and the other on the right side of the deceased’s head,” she said.

The quite man received several blows that left him mild injured. The burial was brought to a standstill as everyone was shocked.

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Ever since I was born I have never seen or hard a case like this one, we are suspecting he was involved in the death of the deceased considering her demise was abrupt,” said one of the mourners.

This is pure superstition, he may have been responsible for the death of our mother,” another voice from the crowd was heard.


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The pastor who was leading the service came into the rescue of the old man who nearly received a thorough beating from the angry mob.

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