Juicy Gist Drops as Sister Derby’s Boyfriend David Exposed for Allegedly Using her for Money to Take Care of His Kids

Queen Farcadi, baby mama of Sister Derby’s new boyfriend David, claims that he’s using her as his cash cow.

According to her, David is just dating Derby to milk her of cash to be able to take care of his child with her.

The former Snapchat ‘ash*wo’ has been lowkey jealous of Derby and David’s new coupling and has been making it known.

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After they first started dating, she came out publicly to reveal that David is her baby daddy.

She’s now made another explosive allegation against him which might end his new relationship once and for all.

According to Farcadi, Derby is David’s cash cow to raise money to send her to raise their kid.

Sharing a photo of David and their son, she wrote: “Mr Bombastic, kindly tell our ‘bank’ to release you from your duties. Our chop money don finish oo,”.


Her meaning is clear, alleging that he’s using Derby for money and doesn’t actually love her.

Considering Sister Derby went through a similar relationship earlier where Medikal used her for fame, cheated on her then dumped her, we can’t imagine she would be too thrilled to hear this claim.

It’s now up to her to determine if it’s actually real or just Farcadi trying to cook up a storm.

Good luck with that!

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