Jealous wives fight for husband’s attention

Jealous wives fight for husband’s attention  || Jealous is a dangerous green-eyed monster.

Once trapped in its grip, one is likely to act irrationally. This is the case of an elderly Mutare woman who accuses her husband’s second wife of snatching the man of her dreams.

Ms Diola Maida accused Ms Julianna Tumbare of bringing sorrow into her marriage.

However, the identity of the duo’s husband was not disclosed as he did not attend the court session.

The warring parties appeared before Ms Nyasha Kuture last week on Thursday, with Ms Maida applying for a protection order as well as the eviction of Ms Tumbare from the family’s house.

Ms Maida told the court that she has been married for 27 years, while Ms Tumbare has only been married for seven years. “She is a thorn in my flesh, I now know no peace in my home. My children are also afraid of her. We already owned the house when she moved in as the second wife. She grabbed the keys and she now controls everything. She should be evicted and build her own house.

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“She is also in the habit of locking me inside or outside the house, forgetting that I shed blood, tears and sweat to build that house. She has also been threatening to kill me,” said Ms Maida.

In addition, Ms Maida said Ms Tumbare denies her access to clean and safe water.

“When my children fetch water using the buckets, she throws the water away and breaks the buckets. She is disrespectful and I am now emotionally drained,” said Ms Maida as she produced damaged buckets as exhibits.

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In response, Ms Tumbare denied all the allegations that were being levelled against her, saying she is as soft as a wool. She claimed that she has been living in harmony with Ms Maida.

She accused Ms Maida of being jealousy, saying as the second wife, she is now the apple of their husband’s eye. “My husband gives me attention as I am a loving person. She is not getting any of that and is always complaining. Jealous drove her to bring this matter to court,” said Ms Tumbare, before breaking into laughter in a manner that stunned the gallery.

Ms Kuture granted the protection order in Ms Maida’s favour. However, Ms Tumbare was not evicted from the family’s house

|| Jealous wives fight for husband’s attention  ||


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