Jalang’o and his boys club on the spot over cheating allegations : Evidence Leaks Online

Media Personality Jalang’o and his close male friends have become a trending topic on Twitter after allegations of cheating on their partners with different Nairobi girls surfaced online.


The allegations were engineered by blogger Edgar Obare after he got hold of screenshots from a WhatsApp group that is believed to be that of Jalang’o and his Boys Club.


Going by the screenshots, the Boys club has a tendency of sleeping around with different girls and go ahead to compare notes in the group.


Mpango wa Kando

The expose also ranks Jalang’o as the guy who has slept with many girls. It’s believed that the boys club have rented a number of apartments in Nairobi where they take their “Mpango wa Kandos” to have a good time, drink booze and dance the night away.

This is not the first time, Jalang’o is being exposed for Cheating. In February. YouTuber Edgar Obare was forced to pull down videos from his YouTube channel; highlighting Jalang’o, Terence Creative and Jackie Matubia’s infidelity in their relationships.


@salma_kenya254 “Jalango you have embarrassed men out here, you area always talking of building a family as a man, but it seems you have been building vaginal walls yourself. Jalango has shown us that, he only speaks his mind when representing men but not his heart.#edgarobare”

@JohnnyGachanja “Jalango and his fellow luo men are out here spreading STDs to your girlfriends”

@ingrid_donnet “So luo men will marry kikuyu and taita women but cheat with luo women all their lives?? Smirking face. That said, Jalang’o is just one of those primitive luo men who came to Nairobi and got some kidogo money.. but still primitive!”

@gescokenya “Journalists are supposed to be watchdogs in the society but they have to measure them harm that a news story has on individuals or the society before making it public. Edgar Obare is doing wrong even though the likes of Kina Jalang’o ain’t right either. #edgarobare”

@salma_kenya254 “Edgar obare’s story is so sad to us ladies. We are trying women empowerment in kenya and you are busy selling yourself outside here. Men maybe be sweet but it doesn’t mean we give ourselves out. Dear men those women you find,feed on them and ashame them here.#edgarobare Jalango”

@BrianSikulu_ “Has anyone taken a moment to consider that Edgar Obare’s story may be cooked? Don’t be too quick to judge, anyone can be saved on WhatsApp with the name Jalang’o. Videos can be taken out of context. Photos can be edited. Focus on both sides!”

@DJmuyaleKe “Mr Jalang’o is a victim of rejection. Ladies didn’t love him when he had nothing, Now that he has class and swag plus money. He is oayback by chewing ladies. Advice from mzee, you should not have married coz u are killing this yong lady. #edgarobare”

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