Jacob Omutuze & Doreen Nasasira Bonking Themselves Raw. No Protection

Jacob Omutuze & Doreen Nasasira Bonking Themselves Raw .

Celebrated local radio presenter Jacob Ahimbisibwe commonly known as DJ Jacob Omutuuze has come out and confirmed how he is chewing fellow media personality Doreen Nasasira’s juicy pussy day and night.

Rumour has it that long-serving radio presenter and the K-Zone late-night radio presenter have for the past months been doing themselves in secrecy to the extent that revelers couldn’t affirm that they are an item

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Now through his Instagram official account, DJ Jacob Omutuuze has then been forced to break the silence about his too much appetite for the bootylicious mukiga from the land of ‘Sweet Potatoes.’

Apart from sharing a pictorial of their cozy relationship, DJ Jacob has gone ahead to alert in-laws how he’s been madly been love with the once alleged to be a Minister’s daughter in the Ugandan cabinet for the past months no wonder he is grateful to the Almighty for having solved his stressing romantic problems of all times by hooking up a right soulmate.

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“God already has a solution to a problem that is always stressing you out. He has angels always watching over you. He has favor surrounding you. He’s put a blessing on your life that circumstances and people cannot stop,” DJ Jacob Omutuuze stated through an Instagram social media post.

Its no surprise that in a few days time, a Kukyala ceremony in Doreen Nasasira parent’s home is due and the excited DJ Jacob cannot stop smiling.

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