“It was just a video shoot, I never beat up my baby mama Talia Kassim”- Weasel Manizo claims

Singer Weasel Manizo has come out and trashed ever beating up or even fighting with his baby mama Talia Kassim despite there being video evidence.

On Thursday last week, the media was awash with news that the legendary star and his girlfriend were involved in a nasty fight at their home in Makindye, it was said that they were saved by stranger passers by before Weasle would throw Talia out of his house.

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Reports have it that Weasel beat up his wife with nasty kicks and punches forcing Talia to flee. An eye witness however declined to release the videos of the fight, claiming he was barred by the singer’s close friend.

It is rumored that alleged that Weasel was found with another woman only identified as Phiona at home. When Talia confronted Weasel, he chased her and locked her outside.

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However, Weasle has denied the above speculations stating that it was just a music video shoot and nothing else.

Watch the Video Below:


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