Is Miley Cyrus A Billionaire?

Is Miley Cyrus A Billionaire? || Defying the stereotype that child stars burn out before they hit twenty years old, Miley Cyrus has defied the odds and proven that she continues to get more popular—and richer—with age.

At only twenty seven years old, Miley Cyrus is an old-timer in the entertainment business. Having worked in the industry for nearly all her life, she has spent nearly three decades building her empire that consists of hit TV shows, blockbuster movies, chart-topping albums, and sold-out World tours.

So it is logical to wonder, what is Miley Cyrus’s net worth? According to RapTV, it is around $200 million dollars.

Follow along as we break down Miley’s road to a multi-million dollar empire that, on it’s current trajectory, will only continue to grow.

  1. The Tween Princess (~$20 million)

Miley started earning pay checks at quite a young age, starting out with small gigs on television. When she transitioned into her tween years, she had her first major break as the lead role on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. It was reported that she earned $15,000 per episode, with 98 episodes airing in total. That brings it to around $1.5 million in earnings for the hit series, plus the $10 million in the series’ soundtrack album sales and arguably more for Hannah Montana merchandise that every little girl seemed to want. And don’t forget about the fist Hannah Montana concert series throughout the U.S, which were all nearly sold out. At only thirteen years old, Miley Cyrus had proven to bee one of the most popular (and wealthiest) tweens in the world!


  1. The Teenage Queen (~$60 million)
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After her reign as the tween queen on Disney Channel, she transitioned to the big screen by taking the staring role in The Last Song—based off the Nicholas Sparks novel. But if a blockbuster hit was not enough, she then made her mark on the music world, topping Billboard and MTV charts with hit singles like “Can’t Be Tamed” and “ Party in the U.S.A”—raking in over $60 million dollars from her Wonder World tour. Miley had to work hard for these earnings, leaving behind her innocent persona of Hannah Montana to a more rebellious and fearless teenage role.

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  1. The Hip Hop Empress (~$65 million)

As Miley continued to grow into adulthood, she also continued to grow as an artist. She soon claimed her mark as the hip hop empress with her Billboard topping album Bangerz. Who can forget her hit single “Wrecking ball”?  It was here she quite literally rode a wrecking ball naked for the music video, which unsurprisingly went viral! Her bold moves had big rewards, as not only was her good-girl facade completely eliminated, the album sales surpassed nearly $5 million dollars and world tour raked in well over $60 million additional dollars.


  1. The Judge of Music (~$26 million)

When you master the art, you become a judge. And that is exactly what Miley did when she took on the role of a judge on the hit TV show The Voice, which is a singing competition where celebrity singers mentors newbies wanting to break into the industry. It was reported that she earned around $13 million dollars per season as a judge, in which she was one for two straight seasons.

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Considering the estimates, plus additional earnings Miley would have received over the years for her merchandise and brand partnerships, it is safe to say that Miley’s net worth is well over $200 million dollars. And considering she has not yet even reached thirty years old, her potential for a high future earnings will most likely continue to increase well into the next decade.

So while she may not be a billionaire just yet, she is certainly well on her way to getting there!


Is Miley Cyrus A Billionaire? || Miley Cyrus NET WORTH

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