Is Cinderella Sanyu ripe enough for Cricket Oval?

Three years ago, singer Cinderella Sanyu commonly known as Cindy held a concert at Imperial Royale Hotel but the turn-up was not pleasant at all. In fact, rumor had it that the former Blu* 3 musician cried tears out of disappointment before stepping on the stage.

After having a few songs on airplay last year, Cindy who refers to herself as The King Herself, believes it is the right time to once again hold another show and not just an ordinary show but one that will go down in the books of history.

Cindy, a few hours back confirmed that she is going to hold her second big concert in her career dubbed Boom Party concert happening on March 7th 2020.

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To our surprise, Cindy is going to hold this concert at Cricket Oval and to drive the show, she’s calling upon fans to be there and witness history being made as she will be the first female artiste to hold a show there.

The singer has in the past recent past released a number of hit songs including ‘Boom Party’, ‘Run this City’, ‘Copycat’, ‘Still standing’, ‘Mwoto‘ and ‘Onina’ among others.

Source- ThatCelebrity.com

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