In Shock: See What this School Girl With Big Backside Want to Do With Her Teacher So That She can Pass -Photos

I’ve heard so many people criticising teachers for having a personal relationship with learners. In most circumstances, where a teacher and learner’s personal relationship gets exposed, people automatically refer to the learner as a victim and the teacher as an offender without getting the whole story of what happened.


You have to know that before making judgements, you must listen to both sides first, because every story has more than one side, which is the truth and the lie. Our kids are not who they really are. Every child has a side that their parents don’t know about. Today let’s talk about a myth that claims that teachers are the ones who take advantage of learners and lure them into a personal relationship with them. Read more

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We are living in a generation where things have gradually changed. It is no longer like back then, when school children had no idea about relationships and adultery. These days, kids know everything about relationships and dating. A learner was exposed for trying to find her way to her teachers’ bed because she wanted to pass. See the conversation in the screenshots below:

It’s surprising how people would know that a learner is dating a Blesser and be cool with it, but when a learner dates a teacher, they cast stones at the teacher.

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In my opinion, teachers must not be judged for dating school learners because, at some point, learners are the ones who throw themselves at teachers. However, the teacher must also be responsible enough to turn down such learners, because a teacher must also be a parent away from home to learners.

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What do you think of the screenshots above?? If you were a teacher, would you let her come to your house or would you turn her down? Leave your comments below. Mind you, this might just be a learner’s way of exposing the teacher.



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