“I’m Called An Old Ashawo Even Though I’m Just 27” Actress Black Cinderella Narrates Her Misery

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Maureen Imbai aka Black Cinderella took a break from limelight but she has been forced to come out because of stigmatization.

Cinderella took a long sabbatical from limelight as she chose to concentrate on raising her daughter.

The mother of one opened up on the challenges she has faced raising her daughter as single parent.

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Black Cinderella laments that she has been raising her daughter alone but instead of getting applauses from people, many especially close friends have been insulting her claiming that she’s a twilight girl.

“This journey is not easy. Sometimes I’m called a prostitute for no apparent reason. Sometimes I’m called an old hoe even though I’m just 27 years. As a single mother, your child will be used in order to use you. If I talk of the stigmatization, I won’t finish today,” Black Cinderella was quoted by Buzz Central.

She added that;

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“I just thank God we no longer beg anyone and I pray for those single mothers still begging to be blessed because the reply is always I’m I the mother of that kid? Those are real questions you are asked that you can never answer without feeling like your womb is leaking.”

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