I’ll continue to eat myself until I am ready for marriage– Popular Kumasi Ashawo says in video

Marriage is out of my plans, I’ll continue to eat myself until I am ready – Popular Kumasi Ashawo says in video

Just like many sex workers out there, the lucrative nature of their trade usually bars them from quitting and settling down until they are old, overused and clearly out of spec.

That is how come a popular sex worker in Kumasi, has said she does not think she is going to quit the trade anytime soon.

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According to her, she has genuine plans of settling down, marrying the love of her heart and make a family, but presently, she believes she needs to continue putting her pussy up for sale.

Known as Sonka Maclaus across the Kumasi metropolis, this beautiful lady is a popular sex worker who has never shied away from taking pride in her work. However, the use and abuse of drugs in addition to her work have led to the deterioration of her physique and the gradual erosion of her charm and beauty.

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In the video, she claimed she’s just 19 and has another three years “to eat herself until she is full”

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