Ify Okoye, wife of Jude Okoye, posts hot new photos as she turns 30

Ify Okoye, music executive wife Jude Okoye, is turning July 31 today.

The mum of two posted some fresh new photos on her Instagram account to celebrate her day.

Despite turning 30, ify wrote;

“It is my birthday and I am thirty!!!


I thank God so much for everything I have done! My 2 beautiful kids and the best friend!

I am proud of the woman I was! The imaginative mind that I have, and can now express and share freely with the world!

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I turn 30 today and feel pretty good about it, for the most part.
Perhaps, I set myself deadlines for the biggest things in life for most of my 20s. So what are we to guess? I haven’t seen any of those. Yet I’m happier at the age of 30, than I could ever have expected.
You should restrict setting deadlines on “life-stages.” There is no standard-so stop sizing yourself up against other people’s standards and comparing your journey to others.

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Every year brings INSIGHT, CLOSURE and POTENTIAL for me-so far, anyway. I am more like ‘ME’ than I was before!!

So now, I have different expectations so thoughts for the future.

Happy 30th Anniversary to me.

As for Jude, he wrote

“HAPPY 30th My IMI BIRTHDAY. May you thrive in this new age and excell in His Grace. Inside out you are a beautiful soul and I and the kids are so lucky to have you. Merry 30th my love once again

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I wish her a happy birthday!


Happy birthday to her! See more photos below..

Ify Okoye

Jude Okoye


Jude Okoye


Jude Okoye


Jude Okoye


Jude Okoye


.SOURCE: ThatCelebrity.com

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