If you want your man to scream in bed – try these 5 things

If you want your man to scream in bed || You’ve been trying to please your partner but yet your aren’t pleased by his reaction in bed when it comes to love making try these ingredients South Africa swear by and never go wrong again.

This has been trending recently on social media everyone swears by the concoction to be very powerful and has a really great effect on men even the non screamers will react very fast to this mixture so here are the concoctions:

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1. Stoney and halls

When it comes to these to mixtures people can’t stop talking about the pleasure it gives to their love like and spicing up the bedroom woman claim it tighten up their lady zone and make your more desirable and always watery but health expects claim they may be dangers in using such mixtures.

2. Cinnamon and milk

This mixture makes you very tight and warm you man will lose control. It also boost the libido and makes you love life become even more interesting that you man will keep coming for more this is very healthy alot of women claim they are pregnant because of this mixture.

3. Green pepper

The health experts claim they have an immediate effect when eaten you should be ready to do the did. This boost the libido making your love life more exiting. Which is good for arousal.

4. Pineapple

It makes you smell nice down there and makes your body fluids to taste nice. Pineapple is known as libido lifter. It contains manganese which is revered for health especially in men.

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