If you feel like “chewing” that person, act fast before its too late

There are people you meet in life, and your brain and probably the other part of your body that is mostly private decide that you must get in the sheets with this human no matter what happens.

Until you ‘chew’ them, you will never have a normal conversation, friendship, or work together properly. Yes, it might turn out to be a one-night stand, but you have to get sex out of the way first.

There is someone you sit across from, and you just can’t stop undressing them. You start marking out the buttons on her dress.

You look at the fly of their pants and think that heaven rests behind that zipper. The butterflies just keep showing up in your stomach.

You sweat when you get all worked up around someone you are sexually attracted to. That heat is not just in the pants; it will manifest.

Sexual tension is that flip your stomach does. That flip that feels amazing and awful at the same time when you are in the company of this person.

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A one-off flutter in your tummy could be the result of food poisoning, but if it happens every time you see this person, or think of them, then you want to lay them.

Some of the best relationships started out when people gave into sexual tension. If you are attracted to someone in a sexual way; even if you don’t fully realize it yet, your body will help you out. You will be restless until you chew this person.

Your brain knows what type of relationship it wants to pursue almost immediately after meeting someone. That horn that you get around this particular lady is what motivates you to pounce.

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Don’t get me wrong. Sexual tension is not just for men. Women experience it too, but most likely, a man will act on his, and a woman will either avoid this person or act a fool around him.

Sexual tension is a positive vibe. That sweet anticipation you feel in the throes of new lust. It can only be lust because this happens even when you have just met this person. Sexual tension normally involves a muscle, and it has nothing to do with the heart.

You meet someone, and instead of a very well-cooked meal, you want them. You just want to eat them. The river starts to flow for some women just at the sight of a particular man.

Being 2020, and with the thirst that has come with it, some women will throw all kinds of gestures and messages because they can’t wait to get a move on and see what happens next.

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Sexual tension knows nothing about the list of all the qualities the man of your dreams should have. It is entirely about choochkie and the ‘machine gun’.

The best way to handle sexual tension is by feeding the beast what it wants. If you can both be mature and open about it, get into the sheets and do the did.

You will be amazed at how beautiful you will leave or live together thereafter.

You could just copy a link to this article and send it to him or her if you can’t find the words. If they are smart enough, you are about to have a fabulous Sunday!

You will thank me later.

Till next time, sex is therapy.

Miss D is a sex counsellor

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