Identity of the SLAY QUEEN in a viral video having unprotected sεx with a guy in a club toilet unmasked – Watch the video.

A beautiful lady is trending after a video of her having unprotected sex with a guy in a club toilet went viral.

The petite lady had gone for a night out with her friends and after becoming tipsy, they went to the washrooms.

While in the washrooms, a guy checked in and they started kissing and cuddling.

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She then lifted her short dress since she was pantiless and the sex-starved guy ‘pumped’ in without protection.

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She recorded the risky sex escapade, not knowing that the video will leak online.

The identity of the randy slay queen has been unmasked after the video went viral and her photo circulated online.

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She is very loose despite her beauty.


In case you missed the video>>>>click here.


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