I Wish I Had a Gun, I Would Kill All Short Men Cause they’re Useless

Despite the fact that there are ideal attributes of a marriage material, its still confusing whether many commit themselves to such in the process of hooking up their future soulmates.

According to celebrated local musician, Hajjati Faridah Stecia Mayanja, women should be cautious while looking for good husbands most especially when it comes to size and height as they are some attributes that really matter.

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During an exclusive interview, the ‘Bitambula’ singer has warned ‘short’ women to devise means of getting rid of short men since they are useless and a misfortune.

According to Stecia Mayanja’s perspective, short men are a curse and an abomination in a relationship who are not desirable to be good fathers.

Stecia has now shared a piece of advise to fellow short women to avoid getting married to short men since they not worthwhile and those currently engaged to them should either think about bewitching them or just finish them off for good.

“There is no short man who is cunning and intelligent worth for a marriage material, its only women who are meant by nature to be short. Women married to short men should devise means of getting rid of them either through witchcraft or finishing them off for good.” Hajjati Faridah Stecia Mayanja.

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Watch the video below:

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