“I want men to chew my Pus*y Live on Camera, I want to be a star” – Controversial Don Zella Defends her S3xtapes (VIDEO)

The shocking confession was made during a YouTube interview with local YouTuber Mary Flavia Namulindwa yesterday where Nalongo Don Zella unapologetically confirmed that her goal is to become a p()rn star so as to make more money.

“I want to be a star in Hollywood. I want to be a movie p()rn star because you get good money” She stated shamelessly.

The socialite says that after she healed from the kidney disease that almost took her life months ago, she is back stronger and wants to accomplish a number of things becoming a p()rn star being the first priority. She adds that her main Target for going to Hollywood was to reach her dream easier.

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While many have judged her for her immoral behaviors, Don says she does not care. She adds that her family does not judge her, not even her children whom she says she will not judge even if they took her path of p0rnography.

“Even if my daughter wants to be a po rn star, I would support her if it makes her happy,” she revealed.

The 33 year old mother goes ahead to confess that she does those dirty live Facebook videos where she is always seen na()ked and taking alcohol as practice for her future role as a p()rn star.

“I do those videos for practice so that when I’m already there, I won’t have to do much to prove that I can,” Don Zella said.

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Nalongo Don Zella says she doesn’t regret anything she does on social media but sometimes she gets emotional when people judge and criticise her.

“I don’t regret anything I put on social media. I do what I do to take off my depression,” she explains further.

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