“I Used to Sleep with Men for Money, I Used Drugs to Calm Myself Down”- Nina Roz Tells Her Story

Singer Nina Roz has come out and narrated the heartbreaking story of how she used to sleep with men for money and used all kinds of drugs to help calm her down, Sheebah dumped her once she started singing, was it Jealousy?

Appearing on NBS Television with Karitas Karisimbi on The ChatRoom, singer Nina Roz opened up about her life and all the mystery she went through before becoming the star she is today.

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“I used to date men just because they had money, I was still so young but I needed to survive so I did anything i could just to get money. Now I know everything about dating such men, and I can never get back to that life. I did it all.

To calm myself down, I used to drink and use all kinds of drugs, I did marijuana, beers, and everything you can ever think of”- Nina Roz revealed.

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