I prepared stew with my ‘shit’ to pay back my Ex a week to his wedding

I prepared stew with my shit to pay back my Ex a week to his wedding ||

The story of a lady who killed her husband by applying poison on her nipples before a sexual intercourse got people talking, many shaken by the extent to which some women may go to get what they want.

In a new batch of revelations, another woman, you may call her a bitter jilted lady, has told her story of how she prepared a sumptuous meal of Jollof rice with minced meat spiced with her faeces for her ex at a ‘last supper’ just a week to his wedding.

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She explained;

“He dated me for Three (3) years, and then left me for another woman. He married her actually. The worst thing I ever did to a man was to ask for a last night with him, a week to his wedding, to officially say goodbye. I prepared Jollof and minced meat Stew, with my Sh*t! I mixed the minced meat with my shit, spiced it up with so much flavored ingredients to reduce the smell of the shit. The stew looked so thick and nice and smelled good, I couldn’t be bothered to want to taste it.

He ate everything on the plate, meaning, it tasted good. I then congratulated him on his marriage. I moved on with my life.”

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Was I wrong?


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