“I Never Wanted to Loose Weight But a Sickness Came and Ate Me Up”- Lynda Ddane Confesses

TV presenter Lynda Ddane has finally opened up about her rapid weight loss that left most of her fans worried, she has narrated about a strange illness that dried her up even though now she’s fighting to regain it.

When she went off the TV for some weeks, Lynda Ddane came out after loosing some flesh and nolonger known as the energetic thick babe on TV, many wondered if something was eating her up or if the weight loss was intentional.

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Through her Instagram stories, the NTV Uganda show host revealed that the weight loss was caused by an illness she could not name and stress.

“I actually didn’t lose weight intentionally. Funny story about that …I lost weight when I got sick and coz of stress …I didn’t use it intentionally …I am actually trying to gain my weight back…coz I love having my cheeks,” Ddane confessed.

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