I Love You More Than My Mother – Ali Of Date Rush Fame ‘Disowns’ Mom As He Proposes To Girlfriend (Watch Video)

Ali of Dating Reality show Date Rush, has told the whole world that he loves Shemima so much that even the love he has for his mother is small.

In a video on Instagram, Ali was seen kneeling down and giving Shemima his love ‘vibes’ as the two of them were being filmed.

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Ali professed his love to Shemima and said that he loved her so much and that the love he had for her was unconditional.

While trying to woo Shemima with his sweet words, Ali went a step further and said he could love Shemima even more than his mother.

Shemima who was taken aback by Ali’s words asked if Ali was sure of what he was saying only for him to confirm that indeed, he can love her more than he loves his mother.

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After hearing the sweet words of Ali, Shemima started jumping for joy and said she cannot wait to experience the kind of love that Ali was talking about.

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Shemima and Ali have gone on from the Date Rush show and it appears their relationship keeps growing by the day.

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