I love Liam Voice – Martha Mukisa confesses

For some time now, rumor has been flying how Martha Mukisa and fellow singer Liam Voice are an item.

This followed a worrying closeness between the two talented singers.

While appearing on Spark TV, Martha Mukisa said that it’s true she loves Liam Voice because he has done immense things for her.

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The International Local singer added that she and Liam are like siblings and their love has nothing to do with intimacy.

“I love Liam Voice because he’s like a brother to me, I don’t love him intimately. He’s such a great soul and besides he’s penned down almost all my songs. He’s actually a handsome boy but for some woman out there.” Martha Mukisa said.

When Liam Voice was questioned too about the rumors, he said that there is nothing between them apart from sibling love.

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The Bus singer said that they are actually not blood siblings but the world has made them siblings.

“Me and Martha are not related by blood but we are like siblings because the circumstances of the world made us so. She’s like my older sister and nobody dates their siblings. I just love her because she’s has always come through for me no matter what problem I’m faced with.” Liam said.

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