“I Last Used Condoms Three Years Back”- Proud Cassava Chewer Doreen Nasasira Brags

Sexy and curvaceous radio personality Doreen Nasasira has shocked revelers by revealing how she has not being condoms for the last three years.

The K-ZONE love doctor says she is addicted to abstinence and isn’t ready for greedy men to drill her horny pot not until she is married.

Doreen who presents a love show on KFM that runs from 8 pm daily to Midnight is till on in the red zone as horny men in the city spend sleepless nights while scouting her sumbie.

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During an exclusive interview, Doreen Nasasira revealed how she not only last enjoyed sex tubeless three years ago but she is till now abstaining until the day when she will walk with the man of her dreams.

“Honestly, I’ve spent three years without having sex. I’m currently abstaining and I will dish out my sumbie after marriage.”- Doreen Nasasira.

Watch the video below;




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