“I have slept with six pastors so far” – 29-YEAR-OLD woman is fed up of sleeping with pastors

A 29-YEAR-OLD woman is fed up of sleeping with pastors after one of the pastor’s wives used juju on her.

She said all she wants is a normal relationship, but that doesn’t seem possible anymore.

The woman from Kagiso, Mogale City, South Africa said she’s been with pastors for several years now.

She believes she’ll remain a pastors’ plaything forever.

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The woman said a pastor’s wife caught her with her husband two years ago at their home.

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She said she has an eight-month-old baby and she’s not sure if she loves the father, a pastor.

Speaking to the Daily Sun, she regretted poking that pastor because it only happened once.

“I met him at a church service in Alberton, and we met several times without poking,” she said.

And one day the pastor’s wife came home earlier than expected.

“She was angry. She said I’d regret the day I met her husband,” she said.

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“Yes, I definitely regret it!”

She said a few weeks later she met a great guy, but when they tried to p0ke his 4-5 fell asleep.


This happened again with other boyfriends. She then went to a sangoma.

“She told me someone used muthi on me and I’d never p0ke anything except abafundisi,” she said.

She then dated six pastors and they p0ked successfully, and later she p0ked another pastor without a problem.

She’s tired of dating pastors for a p0ke.

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The woman’s sister said she hasn’t been able to help her.

“We went to prophets who promised to help, but that hasn’t worked,” she said.

Sangoma Maweni Ngwenya confirmed the woman has been cursed to p0ke only pastors.

That person doesn’t want her to have a stable relationship.

“Pastors are married, so she wanted her to be a side chick for the rest of her life,” said Maweni.

Maweni promised to get her gobela friends involved.


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