“I Have Gained Weight because of Daddy Andre’s too much love” – Nina Roz

If you have bumped into Nina Akakunda aka Nina Roz of recent, it is easier to tell that Nina has massively put on weight following her some what flamboyant and surprising introduction to city producer Daddy Andre.

Many cited that she was pregnant for Daddy Andre’s child but she has dismissed the speculations when she said that it is only due to the much love she receives from her now-husband Daddy Andre.

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The singer, while speaking in an interview during a joint media show, opened up on her weight gain and her recent change in size. She said that her lover gives her freedom and too much love which have seen her change her looks.

“Andre gives me freedom, that is why you can see that my looks are now massive…,” She said.

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"I Have Gained Weight because of Daddy Andre's love" - Nina Roz
“I Have Gained Weight because of Daddy Andre’s love” – Nina Roz

In the same interview, Nina revealed how she hooked up with Daddy Andre which appeared a surprise to many the fact that Andre had many scandals with women and Child neglect.

“Ohh! Haha! Me and Andre had been friends for over eight years only that the public did not know about it. You see, the truth is sometimes there are things that are not supposed to be let out to the public. We just have to let God do his things His way…,” She said.

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