“I have broken so many marriages with my body” Shameless lady claims.

Beautiful lady shamelessly reveals on twitter the worst thing she has been doing to a lot of marriages with her nice body.

The collapse of marriages is on the rise in our present days, my question is who is to be blamed? Well we are yet to find out.

Most ladies of nowadays has been blessed with the type of beauty any man would wish for, but that is not all about marriage, the inner beauty also matters. They rely on their beauty and engage themselves with loose mind married men who also end up leaving their wives for the so called Slay Queens.


One ‘Naya’, a twitter user who seems to have no ambition in getting married has decided to collapse marriages with her claimed beauty.

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I have broken so many marriages with my pussy, married men can’t resist my body” She blatantly captioned under her photos on twitter.

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