“I have been chewing my own Uncle in bed, I didn’t know”- Bad Black confesses shocking info

 I have been chewing my own Uncle, I didn’t know Bad Black confesses shocking info || Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has shocked the world after revealing how she has for the past years been committing incest by chewing her uncle.

It is a taboo according to the Buganda cultural traditions for one to have s3xual intercourse with the other well knowing that you share the same family ties irrespective of not being in blood relationships.

The Queen of Sumbie Vendors has however made the revelation how she has all along been feasting on Asha, her young lover’s sweet cassava though not knowing that they are relatives.

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Through her Snapchat, Bad Black has explained how she is related to Asha having found out at the NIRA offices where they had gone to pick his national identity card thereby affirming how the father of her in-born baby shares the same clan with her mother.

“Pickin Asha national id this is how we came to know nti asha yedira omuziro gumu ne maama wange so aberra kojja wange,” Bad Black partly revealed.

On landing on this shocking revelation, Asha Katende and ‘Mama Jonah’ went on to ascertain proof from their parents who cemented the fact how they were related though they have already been eating the forbidden fruit.

According to odds, its unlikely for Bad Black to dump Asha because of being her uncle since the lovers are madly into each other.

“We contacted both our parents MB u kitufu, Kati kojja twezina long ago.”- Bad Black.

Check out the screen shots below;

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