I had problems while at Lynx Entertainmet – Songstress MzVee

Songstress MzVee said before leaving the label she had problems with Lynx Entertainment, but that didn’t force her to leave the record label that had nurtured her talent.

“No every workplace has problems so I’m not going to sit here pretending there was no problem. There are problems everywhere, there are problems at home , at work, there are problems everywhere, so yes , definitely back and forth anytime, but we always found a way to come to an agreement, but the reason I left was because I simply couldn’t contain the depression.

She was depressed to the point that all she wanted to do was to abandon music even though she was at the time the largest female musician in Ghana.

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She said those periods were turbulent times in her youthful life where her love for music diminished and she no longer seemed to know herself.

The hitmaker of ‘Natural Girl’ said she told her boss then, Richie she was leaving music entirely because she could no longer stand it.

“I took a year-long music break in 2019 but I didn’t realize that I was coming back. The depression was really intense and all that came into my mind with all the thought was that I was going to quit the music only because I was done. I couldn’t even think straight back then. All I knew was I wasn’t all right so I just needed some time off so I just went off the stage.

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Songstress MzVee
Songstress MzVee

She added, “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t talk a lot, I don’t share my thoughts with people because I’m very much with myself. My mother will say Vera you when I was growing up, I don’t know what you’re thinking. I would come straight to my room from school, I was really self-contained. Secondary school, from one dormitory to another class. It’s just how I grew up because we were in a very strict home and we weren’t allowed to have friends and play around so I was antisocial so sharing my thoughts with people isn’t something I never knew how to do that whenever I had a problem, it was all about me and then it compiled to the point that it just made me crazy.

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“The only person I was able to speak with was Richie. So as for Richie we had the discussion in somewhere in 2017 and I told him I think I’m going to stop the music soon because he knew that I was going through something. So 2018, when I told him I ‘m going to stop at the end of 2018, he was like he knew it was coming so that’s what it was. He didn’t want me to stop but that was it.”


Source: Thatcelebrity.com

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