I found out I have been sleeping with a married woman

I found out I have been sleeping with a married woman || A 22 year ols man has been entangled with a married woman for several months without realizing it. He explains how she accidentally revealed she has a husband and upon investigation, he found out the lady has a husband and a kid and they stay together.

Writing on Ask Tari’s page, the man is stuck in the relationship which he is finding hard to break up because the lady is insistent and still maintains she dumped hubby.

Below is the edited version of his post*

(*NB: The editing is slight except for punctuation and short hand without compromising original text)

AT…Hide ID… I am a guy aged 22, been smashing this lady 28 since April. Everything was (alright) since then but the (problem came) last month when we were both drunk and after s_x she was like, “That’s why I love you, unotonditundisa zvisati zvamboitwa nahubby”, so, I had to be energetic (and) ask (about) it but she cut the conversation off (and started crying) for me not to ask again and so I did my investigation (and) found out that they stay together with hubby (and) the kid. I asked her but she lied that they are no longer together and she still pressing for me to hit but I am feeling bad. I can’t do it anymore, so (I’ve been) trying to avoid her. I (switched lodgings) but she still knows my workplace. Sh’es coming and asking me to hit when I am free… Please help how I can cut this between me and her?

Ask Tari responds, asking the man to come out clean with her and be firm enough to tell her to call it quits. Below is the response;

You just need to be clear to her and workmates that you are no longer interested in consummating any sort of relationship. She keeps coming back maybe because you are not being firm enough

Others warned him how some have been killed for sleeping with married woman in Mhondoro;

Umwe apondwa kumhondoro uku akafa mushure mekunge abatwa nemukadzi wemunhu. Werenga kwayedza unzwe
Or that DJ munya saga

Another warned;

Dude, you’ve got all the evidence in the world that could sink her marriage. Just threaten to tell her husband if she doesn’t leave you alone. It’s a good thing you have a conscience, vari vamwe, dai zvatowedzera moto.

If you don’t want to end up in the TL uchirohwa ka,cut ties has published several stories on how cheating ended up tragically with some losing their lives.

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